About Us

Who founded Kildrummy?

Ken Beer worked at Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands in the early 1980s at the height of the development of North Sea Oil and Gas. In the summer of 1986 Ken was invited to write a desktop project cost management tool by BP who subsequently used the software, known as PACKS, on projects throughout the world.

In the early 1990s then BP asked Ken to join up with former BP staff to form an independent company which would deliver high-quality professional support to those projects using PACKS and another cost management system known as OilMAN. That company was Kildrummy, founded on November 11, 1992.

One of our founders, Dave Ross, sadly died a few years ago. He was our guru, and he is much missed. The dynamic Simon Nuttall-Smith returned to BP in the mid-2000s. Ken Beer remains Chairman and CEO of Kildrummy.

Why is the company called “Kildrummy”?

The original founders met to discuss the formation of the company in a hotel near medieval Kildrummy Castle in Aberdeenshire, where the River Don flows out of the Scottish Highlands amidst stunning scenery. They liked the venue for the meeting so much that they named the company after it.

Why does Kildrummy have an office in the Shetland Islands?

Our founder Ken Beer has lived in Shetland since 1974, so it was a natural place to base Kildrummy in its formative years. As the company grew it became clear that the location of the head office was an advantage. Shetland has an excellent education system and the close-knit community enables the Company to identify and form relationships with talented youngsters at a relatively early age. COO Barnaby Mercer wrote his first computer code for Kildrummy when he was thirteen years old!

Over the years it has become apparent that potential employees from elsewhere on the globe regard Shetland as an attraction. It is incomparably beautiful, has a vibrant, entrepreneurial culture and has known no recession since the early 1960s.

How does Kildrummy service clients in America?

Kildrummy supports projects in every corner of the globe. We open offices in any location where the need arises, and we have a permanent base in the United States.

We formed our subsidiary Kildrummy Inc. in Houston, Texas back in 1998 which nowadays accounts for more than half of our global revenues. From the very earliest days we used the internet to bind together and enhance our operations, and evolved a business model which features highly-mobile management and customer service teams, constantly on the move around the world supporting our clients wherever they need us, in the head office or out on the project work site.

What is Kildrummy’s development philosophy?

We embrace change.

Kildrummy knows that cost management processes and computer technology are in constant flux as older methods become dated and newer methods are proven and gain currency. We began our operations in the 1980s with PACKS, DOS-based software written in the Clipper language. During the 1990s we developed Windows®-based JobPROMS, using Microsoft® Access, and in the 2000s we created Kildrummy® CostMANAGER using Delphi. Kildrummy® KCM+, released in 2012, is web-based.

Every change in platform mirrored changes in the operational needs of our clients. Each system was designed from the ground up following extensive research into our clients’ cost management needs and their IT strategy. We continue this philosophy, ensuring that our systems are always at the forefront of cost management thinking and IT development.

Technically-inclined readers may be interested to know that we use an Agile methodology both to ensure responsive and flexible delivery of upgrades and enhancements to our products, and to keep our management thinking abreast with the times.

Put simply: when change is needed, we change.