The benefits of the Kildrummy KCM+ dashboard
Posted on: February 12th, 2016 by

Maria Bell

Maria Bell brings with her a wealth of analytical experience from the oil and gas industry to Kildrummy in the form of a consultancy role. She works alongside clients to help them gain maximum benefit from their Kildrummy software implementation.

Kildrummy® KCM+ is a browser-based cost management solution designed to bring together your project, cost and finance information into one easily controllable location. As well as boasting robust reporting tools, KCM+ offers a fully configurable cost management dashboard which each user can customize to show the data and metrics which are most important to them.

When KCM+ is implemented, our consultants configure a full suite of reports to meet the business needs of the client. Due to the wide variety of roles required to successfully execute a project, users often find that several of the available reports are irrelevant to their individual roles. By customizing their dashboard, users can streamline their reporting choices to allow for quick analysis, ultimately increasing their overall job efficiency. In effect, the most critical data a cost engineer needs to do their job can be at their fingertips from the moment they log in. This ensures actionable information is available for KCM+ users immediately, allowing them to focus on solving the project’s cost control problems from the start of their working day, rather than diverting their time into number crunching.

The KCM+ dashboard is a combination of one or more of the following widgets:

Favorite ReportsContains a list of links to all reports marked as a favorite
Recent ReportsShows a list of links to all reports which have been recently accessed
Specific ReportsDisplays the selected report directly on the user's dashboard
ActivitySummarizes data which has recently been captured through the Workflow system

There are no limits to the number of widgets a user can have on their dashboard. The following example has been configured to demonstrate how a user can monitor three separate project phases as well as the overall health of a project.

Example of a cost management dashboard

With data being automatically pulled directly from other systems, including Kildrummy® CostMANAGER, this removes the ambiguity of version control, and decisions can therefore be based on the latest project data. As more phases of the project come online, additional reports can be added and complete phases can be removed. Alternatively, users can track project specific reports for bench marking and evaluation for continuous improvement.

With the ability to view reports directly from first login with the most up-to-date information, and deliver this critical information to anyone with access to a web browser, it’s easy to see how KCM+ benefits cost engineers and management alike. If you’re interested in hearing more about how you can leverage the power of dashboards in your projects, or KCM+ in general, please contact us here.