How To Cope With The Imminent Shortage of Project Managers
Posted on: July 15th, 2014 by

kildrummy superuserOver the next half decade, fifteen million more project managers will be needed and around one million of these will be required on UK based projects. This is the startling fact raised by Pip Peel in a recent issue of Project Manager Today magazine.

Whilst this is positive news for budding cost engineers looking for opportunities, it potentially opens the door to poorly trained staff. As Pip mentions, more and more ‘get trained quick’ schemes are turning up online which fail to deliver the training that cost engineers and project managers truly need. Without solutions to these issues, we face an increase in the number of projects which fail to deliver. In an industry where ‘on time and on budget’ projects are already becoming a rarity, this news cannot be brushed to one side.

Although there a numerous organizations such as the AACEI, it seems that project managers are not regulated and controlled by recognized bodies such as those found in other industries. A move to this model would have positives, such as certification for managers, but it could potentially slow down the availability of staff for projects.

What can we do to solve these problems? Pip’s article states that the most important thing is good training and good staff with leadership skills. Here at Kildrummy, we are attempting to solve at least one half of this problem by ensuring that users have sufficient schooling before being sent out to tackle their first project. We understand that you cannot become a cost engineer, nor a project manager overnight, and that there are no quick solutions to the issues that face the industry. With this in mind, Kildrummy are pleased to announce a brand new training scheme.

Our new Superuser Program will focus on training users to use our software over the course of a year, rather than three or four days.  It entitles trainees to three days of dedicated training, and then two further sessions of one-on-one consultation, across the remainder of the year for refreshers and reviews. In addition to this, we will provide a bespoke training database for one year. Our pledge is that this new course will provide users with a way to hone their CostMANAGER expertise and learn about cost engineering as a whole.

To learn more about the Superuser Program, please contact our sales team.