Integration: The Future Of Your Cost System
Posted on: September 18th, 2014 by

Integration. It’s a big word that’s filled with the promises of the future. It’s a future with a completely ‘hands off’ cost solution. It’s a future where base level human interaction with data is at a minimum, allowing your cost teams to concentrate on the health of your billion dollar projects, rather than trying to figure out why their accounting data doesn’t have the same coding method as their cost system. This future isn’t designed to remove humans from the equation, but serves to improve their usefulness in your team.


There’s a reason that we strive towards this future. Integration means that all of your systems work together in harmony, rather than acting independently (and potentially) aimlessly. Imagine being able to update your finance data in one application and a moment later it appears in your cost controls system. No work involved. Completely automatic. This isn’t the same database, they’re separate products by different software developers, one could be located on the other side of the planet. This sounds in many ways, an impossibility. But at Kildrummy, we’ve been working towards this for some time. The future, isn’t far off.

Roughly a decade ago, we introduced the first iteration our Kildrummy® DataEXCHANGE  application. At this time, it only offered the ability to import ‘Document’ data, such as Expenditures, Timesheets and Accruals into our Kildrummy® CostMANAGER application. It was an instant hit with our users. Although the software was in its infancy at the time, we could tell that it was far more efficient for them to bulk load data through spreadsheets rather than using our input screens. Despite the fact that the input screens offer more functionality and were quick to use, it was still faster to use our importer.


Over the years, DataEXCHANGE has improved dramatically. The ‘Budget Importer’ was added, allowing for bulk data imports of other database items, such as Project data and Reporting Structures. We created an API allowing system administrators and other software developers to develop their own bridge between their finance or planning systems and CostMANAGER. Although this functionality is powerful and useful, we knew that we could go much further. Most recently, we added an Exporter, allowing for data exports from CostMANAGER. For the first time, it was possible for two way integration between CostMANAGER databases. But this wasn’t enough.

With the launch of Kildrummy® KCM+, the promises of an automated and integrated future have finally become a reality.


KCM+ was built from the ground up to provide users the ability to integrate seamlessly with various systems at once.  In KCM+, data can go one of two ways: either into or out of the system. This allows for total data freedom. To achieve this, we integrate with a variety of your sources that you may already use, such as Primavera P6, SAP, Excel spreadsheets, SQL databases, RSS feeds, Access databases and more. We’ve yet to find a data source that we couldn’t integrate with.

Our data transformation engine takes over from here and automatically assesses the data you provide it, to build a sensible integration import. KCM+ takes this concept further and can be set to automatically retrieve data from your data sources, such as every evening or once a week. Of course, a manual option is still available for users who wish to have a little more control.

The future of integration is finally here, and Kildrummy® KCM+ is the solution for you. If you would like to learn more about our products, select one of the below options.