Kildrummy Iteration Demos
Posted on: October 25th, 2012 by

At Kildrummy, our product development is iterative, meaning the results of each cycle are fed back into the process to continually improve our products and processes. Presently, an iteration is three weeks long because we find this to be about the right length of time for making changes and implementing new features. Iterations are a key feature of our Agile development philosophy and mean that we can quickly improve our products whilst maintaining a high quality.

At the end of each iteration, we hold a demonstration where new functionality, changes and improvements are demonstrated to all our staff, and streamed live over the internet to key users of our software. Recently, we decided to record these meetings for our own records and so that users who aren’t able to attend can view the demo later. We aim to make these videos available on-line within a few days of the demo.

The next demo is scheduled for Thursday 25th October at 1530 BST.

If you are interested in receiving information about our iteration demonstrations, including invites to the event, please email us at Kildrummy Technical Support.