Turnaround Cost Management Solution Released by Kildrummy
Posted on: April 29th, 2016 by
Greg Rankin

Greg Rankin

Greg Rankin has over twenty-five years experience covering the coding, design, implementation and management of enterprise software. In a career spent at organizations leading their field including IBM, British Airways, Oracle and Ingenico, he has worked in customer facing roles in Product Management, Consultancy and Business Development. Greg has a passion for working closely with customers to ensure technology fits customer needs and exceeds their expectations.
Greg Rankin

CC Turns and Shuts

If your organisation performs Turnarounds, we have some exciting news. Kildrummy, the leader in Cost Management systems for over 20 years,  is proud to announce the availability of Kildrummy® Turnaround CostMANAGER (“KTCM”).

Leveraging our 20 years of excellence in cost control systems, KTCM™ specifically addresses the challenges of Turnaround projects, ensuring success under pressure.

Turnaround Cost Management Dashboard

KTCM™ is a browser-based, cloud-enabled, multi-currency, multi-language cost management solution, designed by industry veterans and implemented by the world’s most experienced cost management systems experts. Now Turnarounds and Shutdowns can use the same powerful functionality used to manage Billion-dollar mega-projects. KTCM™ creates unparalleled cost visibility on up to the minute data, efficiency of cost management operations, vendor management via productivity analysis and the ability to create a continuous improvement model for cost from one turnaround project to the next, all at the touch of a button.

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  • Compute Earned Value and create Forecasts quickly and accurately.
  • Consistent structures and reports: create a consistent model for use on Turnarounds across the enterprise. Lessons really can be learned, and hard-won experience leveraged.
  • Capture and store historical data for improved planning of future projects.
  • Use Turnaround history to benchmark accurately and effectively.
  • Track cost on capital projects occurring during your turnaround, both separately and integrated with the overall turnaround project.
  • Easily report by different structures – WBS, Vendor, Resource, Rate Type, Currency.
  • Align cost and schedule data simply in one place.
  • Combine Turnaround cost management data from SAP and other ERPs, P6 and other planning software, timesheets, gate systems and so on to provide unparalleled clarity and visibility.
  • Capture data on mobile devices and report to your intranet.
  • Take the labor out of Turnaround cost management and administration, keeping your engineers free to focus on the project itself.

Turnaround Cost Management Productivity Report

Easy to deploy and easy to use, KTCM™ will be paying back in a matter of days.

To learn more email sales@kildrummy.com