Kildrummy® Turnaround CostMANAGER Needs Analysis Overview
Posted on: May 8th, 2017 by

Chris Why

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1. Overview

The purpose of the Kildrummy® Turnaround CostMANAGER ('KTCM') Needs Analysis sessions is to understand fully your requirements from a project cost management solution, in order to ensure a successful, optimal implementation of KTCM™ on your company's projects.

These sessions are intended to identify key information about your projects and their associated business, project, and cost management processes. We will identify the various stakeholders, discuss their reporting requirements, and gain an understanding of how the KTCM™ cost control solution integrates with other project and corporate systems.

A key focus area will be reviewing the example data/information you will have been asked to provide. This includes:

  • coding methods, terminology, project cycles;
  • budgeting & forecasting processes; and
  • transactional documents.

Next we will discuss the solution's overall capabilities and its reporting options, identifying how to use them and the data in conjunction with your cost control processes.

As we go through this process, we will provide orientation on KTCM™ and share lessons learned and industry best practice for both project cost control in general and their application in KTCM™.

If you intend to establish KTCM™ as a company standard and/or recommended best practice, we will discuss methods to achieve this goal and how to build them into the overall implementation plan.

The Kildrummy® Needs Analysis sessions are the first phase of our standard implementation plan for KTCM™ and typically take 2-3 days to complete. The sessions provide the essential foundation for the next steps we will take: system user 'on-boarding', data population, basic user training, integration, and roll out.

There are two deliverables from these sessions:

  • a Kildrummy® Needs Analysis report; and
  • a detailed Implementation Plan for your review and approval.


2. Who should attend?

i) Key managers and users who will take ownership and responsibility for the successful implementation and standard operation of KTCM™ at your company

These individuals must be present and involved throughout the implementation to provide necessary input for the Needs Analysis sessions, including example data and help in formulating the implementation scope and plan.

We recommend that one or two persons be designated as 'Product Champions' or 'Super Users' for your company.

ii) Representatives from other disciplines

This may include Accounting, Procurement, Estimating, and Scheduling. Participation is recommended at specific sessions to gain an overall understanding of KTCM™ and to discuss how they may integrate with other systems.

iii) Management and other Senior KTCM™ Stakeholders

Participation is recommended at specific sessions to gain an overall understanding of KTCM™ and to discuss specific requirements from the system.

iv) Representatives from IT (applications support, database administrator, etc.) to discuss the 'activation' of KTCM™ software and integration with other systems


3. Typical needs analysis sessions outline

i) Welcome

  • Safety moment
  • Introductions

ii) Outline KTCM™ Implementation

  • Scope and implementation schedule
  • Resources
  • Expectations

iii) Customer 'Presentation'

In this session the customer presents to the Kildrummy Team, explaining how they are delivering cost management on projects today. Topics will include:

  • Cost engineering at your project/site;
  • Identified best practice; and
  • Processes and practices to start or stop or continue.

iv) KTCM™ Orientation

  • Overview
  • Product demo

v) Needs Analysis Discussions & Topics

  • Type of implementation
  • Project information
    • review example data / information provided
    • review Work Processes
  • Reports/Outputs produced 'today' and requirements related to KTCM™ deliverables
  • Project and corporate systems
    • Integration requirements
  • Users and role-based security
  • User 'on-boarding'

vi) Review and wrap-up


4. Pre-Preparation

Participants should be prepared to discuss the topics listed above, and should provide ahead of time the following information to support this process:

i) General Customer Information:

  • Project controls standards and best practice within their organization
  • How data/information is captured 'today'
  • Budgets, Commitments, Contracts, Rates, Timesheets, Invoices, etc.
  • How 'progress' / '% complete' is captured
  • Forecasting & re-forecasting
  • Project cycles (daily, weekly, monthly)

ii) Example data/information to be provided by Customer:

  • Coding and report structures: WBS, CBS, OBS, etc.
  • Project Calendar/s
  • Project Estimates
  • Project Budget (if available)
  • Project Schedules
  • Examples of Rates used
  • Examples of Contracts, PO's and other Commitments
  • Example report formats and graphs as produced 'today'

To save time, the information detailed above should be made available to Kildrummy at least one week before the Needs Analysis sessions so that we can study it prior to arrival at your/our offices.