Out and about: customer visits
Posted on: March 7th, 2014 by

It’s always great to get out and meet customers and potential customers. What’s really interesting is how diverse the processes, requirements, expectations and cultures within each organization are. Every company has a different feel: a personality of their own. Everything from the way that security is handled, to the conference facilities and on to the processes and practices that are covered by the solution we provide. Finding the niche, and the right tempo for each distinct environment is always an interesting challenge.

When we get down to the main topic, it’s always great to be able to confidently demonstrate that Kildrummy solutions are flexible and dynamic enough to cope with their varied challenges. Rather than force a solution into an environment for which is was not designed, I enjoy learning what is most important, and finding ways to use our flexibility to address the benefits that are most valuable to the particular organization.

Now, for some organizations, particularly younger, early stage projects and start-ups, the biggest value lies in being able to provide best practice and standard configurations. In this situation, we can quickly deploy a standard system to get the team up and running. But flexibility is still valuable because we all know requirements change over time. As the team grows and refines their processes, we are able to respond by adjusting the configuration to meet these emerging needs.

Remaining adaptable and flexible is more important than ever.