Quick Look: CostMANAGER 2.8′s New Functionality
Posted on: September 3rd, 2013 by

Kildrummy® CostMANAGER 2.8 is here now. This release adds even more value to our product, and more importantly, your cost system. This short guide details the new functionality. We recommend that it is used alongside the New Features and User Guides released with KCM 2.8.

Multi-currency Reporting

Kildrummy® CostMANAGER 2.8 extends the multi-currency reporting capabilities. KCM has long supported multiple currencies and smooth conversion between currencies using a flexible rates system. Now, by grouping data in different currencies on the same report, and enabling the report designer to choose the currency of individual value columns, 2.8 extends this critical idea and provides the ability to report in multiple currencies on the same report. An example of this can be seen below, where we’ve intentionally highlighted the currencies.


Parent Document Changing

Another enhancement to KCM is the ability to change a document’s parent. An example of this is changing the parent commitment of an expenditure document. There are two ways for users to change this:

1. Selecting the parent document column on an input screen will provide a drop-down list which contains suitable parent documents.


2. It is possible to change the parent document when re-importing the document through the KDE. The KDE has been bolstered with additional checks to make sure that the import is appropriate and to prevent invalid imports.


Other Features

KCM’s underlying component technology has been reviewed, refreshed and recoded. We’ve upgraded several key technologies to bring increased stability and performance, and improved support capabilities. These updates allow the developers greater control over the critical code, and pave the way for future user interface enhancements. Amongst other things, this allows for better support for multiple languages.

CostMANAGER 2.8 brings other small changes, including:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Numerous performance & stability improvements (See Release Notes for details)
  • Microsoft Windows 8 Support.