Quick Look: CostMANAGER 2.8.2′s New Functionality
Posted on: August 26th, 2014 by

Kildrummy® CostMANAGER 2.8.2 is now available. Our latest release of CostMANAGER is primarily designed to be a maintenance release, fixing numerous issues and improving stability of the application. However, we went the extra mile and incorporated a couple of extra features that we know you’ll find useful. We recommend that this short guide is used alongside the New Features Guide and other documentation released with KCM 2.8.2.

Updated User Interface

The interface of CostMANAGER has been given a tune-up to create a more appealing user experience:

Before: CostMANAGER 2.8

costmanager 2.8


After: CostMANAGER 2.8.2

costmanager 2.8.2

Here’s a rundown of the changes:

  1. The dark gray title bar has been removed to make the application cleaner and to provide extra vertical space. Previously, this bar was used to expand and collapse the left hand navigator. In the new interface, to expand or collapse the left navigator, simply double click the currently active tab.
  2. The lower title bar has been removed. Each tab now shows the title of the active screen.
  3. The navigator padlock button has been removed. This button was previously used to control the collapsing behaviour of the navigator.
  4. The application icon has been updated to match our product branding.


Tab Controls

CostMANAGER 2.8.2 incorporates a brand new system of tab controls which streamline your use of the system by allowing you to run multiple tasks simultaneously.


As can be seen in the above screenshot, two input screens, the audit log, a reporting structure and a report are open at the same time. You can move between these tabs with no additional loading delay.

To open additional tabs, click the + on the right. The new tab will display the main screen of CostMANAGER. On the far right is the close tab button which is used to close your current tab.

When working with tabs:

  1. It is now possible to multitask with most modules. For example, you can set a report running and it will continue to load in the background whilst you perform another task on a different tab.
  2. To streamline their use, it is not possible to have the same object (e.g. specific input screens, or reports) open in multiple tabs. If you attempt to re-open an object that is already open, KCM will automatically switch to the tab containing this object, rather than opening a new one.
  3. As explained in the previous section, double clicking the current tab will expand and collapse the left hand navigator.

Improved Input Screen Column Information

We have improved the input screens so that if you hover over a column header, more useful information is displayed:


As highlighted in the above screenshot, we have an Original Contract column which now shows that it is a history column and when it was last updated. There are other examples of this functionality:

  • Functions will indicate that they are functions. This is useful when you have a function and a value column of the same name.
  • Rollups (such as allocation level columns appearing at document level) will display what level they are from.
  • Document columns display the document type that they are derived from.

Other Features

CostMANAGER 2.8.2 brings other improvements including:

  • CostMANAGER is now Large Address Aware, allowing it to access more memory. This is useful when you have multiple, data heavy tabs open.
  • Numerous minor enhancements and improvements.