From Start To Finish – We’re here to help
We don’t just provide software – we provide a complete solution. Even before your project starts, we are here to ensure that your cost processes are rigorous and complete. We help analyze your problems, find answers and structure your cost environment in the most effective way possible.

Our highly trained and enthusiastic team of consultants will help you describe your ideal process and map this directly on to our software. Have the system work for you, not the other way round. We provide many standard reports right out of the box but, if these are not exactly what you need, we’ll configure them to meet your requirements. Structuring, security, auditing, formulae, reporting and process – all configurable.

Integration with systems such as Primavera, SAP and other systems is a snip. With a robust data exchange module, KCM can rapidly import data from a variety of sources and report on them immediately. Begin digging into your data with a few simple clicks. Or, automate the exchange for a seamless transfer. Adding KCM+ to the mix extends your ability to bridge the gap between your corporate and accounting systems, and use KCM as the central repository for your cost data.

Training and Support
To get the most from any system, it is important to recognize the importance of well-trained team members. At Kildrummy, we take this very seriously, and offer a number of options to help you get the most from your system. Ranging from multi-day training courses for many simultaneous users, to bespoke one-on-one training, we are committed to providing the best training possible.
And we’re very proud of our support services. Kildrummy consistently receives excellent feedback from our customers on the on-going support we provide to their projects.