Six Kildrummy® CostMANAGER Features Worth Upgrading For
Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by

Kildrummy® CostMANAGER (KCM), our flagship software, is regularly updated with new features, performance improvements and minor enhancements. And we think our latest release, 2.8.3, is the best yet. Like many of our customers, you may have recently upgraded to a newer version of KCM. Alternatively, you may be considering upgrading to the newest release, but might not be sure of what benefits it offers. With this in mind, let’s recap the major features from the last three years of KCM releases.

#1: Multi-Currency Reporting

A key feature of KCM is the ability to support multiple currencies and smooth conversion between them using a flexible rates system. Version 2.8 extended the multi-currency reporting capabilities. This release enabled users to group data in different currencies on the same report and allowed report designers to choose the currency of individual value columns. An example of this can be seen below, where we’ve intentionally highlighted the currencies:

Assuming your report meets the requirements, reports can be displayed as multi-currency by selecting one of the following options in the tabular template editor:


#2: Changing a Document’s Parent

Another enhancement added in version 2.8 was the ability to change a document’s parent. An example of this is changing the parent commitment of an expenditure document. Two methods were introduced to allow users to make these changes:

1. Clicking the parent document column on an input screen will allow you to select one of the suitable parent documents from a drop-down

2. If you re-import the document through the document importer, you can specify a new parent document. Our importer was bolstered with additional checks to make sure that the import is appropriate and to prevent invalid imports.


#3: Tabbed Interface

First introduced in KCM 2.8.2, the tab controls streamline your use of KCM by allowing you to run multiple tasks simultaneously. Multiple modules can be opened at the same time and you can move between them with no additional loading delay. When working with tabs, it is possible to multitask with most modules. For example, you can set a graph report running and it will continue to load in the background whilst you perform another task on a different tab.

This feature was improved upon in KCM 2.8.3, as shown below:

Tabs in KCM 2.8.2:


Tabs in KCM 2.8.3:


In KCM 2.8.3, we moved the close button on to the individual tab, and also added the ability to re-order tabs by dragging and dropping them.

#4: Input Screen Column Information

KCM 2.8.2 also introduced the ability to hover over a column header to see additional information:

newfeatures28_columnnamesAs highlighted in the screenshot above, we have an Original Contract column which, if you hover over it, shows that it is a history column and also shows when it was last updated. Other examples of this functionality include:

  • Functions indicate that they are functions. This is useful when you have a function and a value column of the same name.
  • Rollups (such as allocation level columns appearing at document level) display what level they are from.
  • Document columns display the document type that they are derived from.

#5: Updating Structures using the the Document Importer

KCM 2.8.3’s headline feature was the ability to update reporting structures through the importer. Using the In case of existing Structure, update Structure option, users can opt to update their reporting structures. It is also possible to choose whether budget items are also allocated to the structure using the pre-existing Budget Item Links options.


#6: Library Description Columns on Input Screens

Since KCM 2.0 it has been possible to add the Library Code column to your input screens, but now in KCM 2.8.3 you can also display, sort and group libraries by their descriptions:


To add the column, enter the field chooser on any input screen and locate the appropriate library column description for your requirements:KCM283_Whats_New_Library_Options

We, and many of our users, believe that the features introduced in the last three years of KCM have made it more powerful than ever before. When you are ready to upgrade, please get in touch with our support team and we’ll be happy to help.