Kildrummy® CostMANAGER Enterprise
Costs. Managed.
CostMANAGER Enterprise
Designed specifically to bring your corporate accounting and project planning together, Kildrummy® CostMANAGER is the perfect system for your project cost controls. Providing you with a multitude of budget, forecasting, commitment and expenditure controls either in a single or multi-project environment with an end result of manageable costs and project reports. It embraces industry-standardized technologies to deliver a system which is easily controlled and fully scalable across local networks or high-latency connections.

Kildrummy® CostMANAGER is the unbeatable solution for your project cost control requirements.

So what makes it different?
  • Your Data
    Display, add and modify your project quickly. Enter data from your finance system using the modifiable input screens or import it through DataEXCHANGE .
  • Your Needs
    Display and shape your data as your project progresses. Use the forecasting and phasing tools, display it on a reporting structure and then apply it to a report.
  • Your System
    CostMANAGER can suit any project, no matter the size. Use a pre-configured system template or redesign it to your needs using our highly flexible, modular system configuration.


Gain control of your cost system with CostMANAGER’s wealth of security features. Designed specifically for the needs of a cost engineer, its inbuilt user and object permissions features allow you to delegate your project. Harness the audit log functionality and make your project Sarbanes-Oxley compliant. Plus, its secure Microsoft SQL Server infrastructure is instantly familiar to any administration team.
  • Groups
    Create groups of users with specific purposes. Add users to a group to instantly set their permissions with minimal fuss and effort.
  • Users
    Administer your users from directly within your cost system. Create, edit and remove users on the fly and set their project permissions with minimal effort.
  • Controlled
    Control your reports at the detail level and designate which are the standard for your projects. Observe the secure audit log to locate erroneous data changes.


Work from anywhere, without limits. Drawing on industry standardized tools, CostMANAGER will fit into your company’s existing infrastructure. A scalable design allows you to get to your cost system when you’re thousands of miles away.
  • SQL Server
    Recognized as the premier server platform, CostMANAGER will integrate into your existing SQL Server installation without the need to install any proprietary server software.
  • Active Directory
    Add existing sets of users or groups from your Windows Active Directory. No additional user setup required.
  • Remote Desktop
    Using Windows Remote Desktop Services you can access your project cost system, even when you’re off-site or on a high latency connection.

Data Control

Forecast Phasing
Whether you’re on a single, million dollar project or a multi-billion dollar portfolio, CostMANAGER is an essential tool. Add projects data from an existing finance system, and it will automatically generate forecasting and phasing on the fly. Use reporting structures to organize your data, in any shape you see fit.
  • Phasing
    See issues with your data before it happens. Phasing can split your spending over user defined milestones to display its changes.
  • Forecasting
    Use our pre-configured forecasting functionality, or build define your own forecasting techniques.
  • Reporting Structures
    Reporting structures in CostMANAGER are completely customizable, not fixed. Create Work, Cost or Organizational Breakdown structures using the integrated structure editing tools with ease.


Use either a standardized template system or customize to your heart’s content. CostMANAGER puts you in control of your project’s system configuration, without limitations or compromises.
  • Terminology
    Use default, industry accepted terms or change every word to your needs. You’re in total control.
  • Input Screens
    Dynamic and powerful data entry screens allow you to modify or analyze your data with ease. Go further by filtering or applying a reporting structure.
  • Functions
    Calculate the past, present and future of your project data. Create one time calculations and use them everywhere.


Create standardized reports for your project using one of the three inbuilt reporting tools. The software draws on all of the other elements in your system, such as functions and filters to create your ideal report. Whether you need a report to calculate Earned Value or a graph to show your Contingency, CostMANAGER can assist.
  • Customizable
    Employ the report editing tools and shape a report to your needs. Add or remove information from a predefined report or create new ones from scratch.
  • Private Reports
    Create personal, private reports by making them visible only to yourself.
  • Shared reports
    Creating standardized project wide reports is simple. Share these reports with other users using object management tools.