Kildrummy® DataEXCHANGE
Automated Upload to CostMANAGER
Kildrummy® DataEXCHANGE

Kildrummy® DataEXCHANGE works in harmony with your existing Kildrummy® CostMANAGER installation to provide powerful processing and validation routines for your finance and scheduling data.

DataEXCHANGE enables your teams to focus on productive activities rather than spending excessive time manually manipulating and importing data. By using its automated import, thousands of items can be imported during a session. Processing and validation methods further reduce the number of occasions your data comes in to human contact enabling a consistent flow of data from your other systems in CostMANAGER with the end result of less opportunities for human error.

Harness its exporting functionality to archive your existing CostMANAGER data or perform bulk edits.

With all these time-saving features, Kildrummy® DataEXCHANGE is a must for any CostMANAGER system.

Bring Your Project Together

Data Import
Make your project agile and use DataEXCHANGE to rapidly import thousands of records with minimal effort. Avoid dangerous information silos and bring together all your cost data into one place. Instantly familiar, DataEXCHANGE uses pre-formatted Excel spreadsheets, making it easy to integrate into your existing business practices.
  • Data Amalgamation
    Make your CostMANAGER database your single point of information. Use DataEXCHANGE to bring all of your finance and scheduling data into CostMANAGER.
  • All CostMANAGER
    DataEXCHANGE supports all of CostMANAGER’s modules. Import your project data as well as phasing, reporting structures, libraries and more.
  • Familiar Software
    Using familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, DataEXCHANGE is easy to implement into your existing cost practices. Simply enter your data into our pre-formatted spreadsheets and it will do the rest.

Data With Integrity

Data With Integrity
Gain control with DataEXCHANGE and make your cost data work for you. Designed to trap erroneous or inconsistent data, it will stop problems before they reach your database. DataEXCHANGE employs a series of complex validation routines to evaluate your import information which can be customized to your business and personal rules.
  • Instant Data Checks
    Level out inconsistent values, automatically set dates and correct data links. These are a few of the pre-processing tools at your disposable to make your data consistent.
  • Your Rules
    Design your imports around your business and not the other way around. Set DataEXCHANGE to only allow data into your database which conforms to how you work.
  • Validate for Issues
    Trust your data by using DataEXCHANGE ’s proven two-step validation routines and stop bad data from entering your CostMANAGER database.

Exports with Ease

Data Export
Export your project data from your CostMANAGER installation, no restrictions, no hassle. Use the Data Export functionality, to quickly update existing rows of CostMANAGER data, produce on the fly reports or archive for later use.
  • Rapid Re-Imports
    Found an issue in a few thousand budget items? Not a problem. Export your data, make your modifications then re-import back into your CostMANAGER database.
  • Data Archive
    Archive your CostMANAGER data using any of your existing input screen definitions. Excellent for either record keeping or for use later in your projects lifecycle.
  • Format Freedom
    Data Exports can be tailored to your needs. Export your data into Excel spreadsheets, CSV, XML or PDF.