Kildrummy® KCM+
Projects. Simple.
Say goodbye to convoluted projects with disparate data sources. The beating heart of KCM+ is a best in class integration framework, designed to bring together your project, cost and finance information into one controllable location. It also delivers a configurable workflow tool that helps shape your organisation and staff. With our robust reporting tools, bring all this information together and create uniform reports to satisfy your requirements, rather than make you use ours. All that’s needed is an internet connection and a modern, connected device with a web browser.

So what makes it different?
  • Deep Process Integration
    Unlock the power of your data through integration. KCM+ sits at the heart of your finance, cost and planning processes to produce uniform reports.
  • Platform Agnostic
    Access your KCM+ installation from a variety of devices, whether it be on your desk or in the palm of your hand. All you need is a web browser.
  • Powerful Reporting
    Designed around familiar web languages, KCM+ reports can be customized from the ground up by inspired users.


KCM+ - Technologies
Building on the foundation of standardized languages, KCM+ underlying technologies are industry accepted and easily used. KCM+ can even work alongside an existing CostMANAGER Enterprise installation for powerful integration features.
  • Industry Standardized
    KCM+ utilizes familiar languages and technologies such as: IIS, C#, HTML and JavaScript. Allowing for a faster setup and ease of use for administration teams.
  • Your Existing Systems
    Both your existing Windows Active Directory users and SQL Server installation can be used immediately with KCM+. No additional third party components required.
  • CostMANAGER Enterprise
    Your existing Kildrummy® CostMANAGER Enterprise system will work elegantly with KCM+. The two products can create a harmonious ‘Push-Pull’ data system to keep both in sync.


KCM+ - Integration
KCM+ will become the reporting hub of your organisation. By using the system to its full potential, it will create historical records of your cost, project and planning data automatically with minimal user effort.
  • No More Silos
    The dream of a single source of data can become a reality. KCM+ integrates with a variety of sources including: Primavera P6, SAP, XML, CSV, RSS, SQL and Access databases with more to come.
  • Historical
    Learning from your past is often the key to future success. With this in mind, KCM+ allows for historical data capture and reporting without restrictions on their number or source.
  • Automated
    KCM+ will run without human interaction. You can elect for data captures to be done automatically for minimal effort installations. All that’s needed from you is to look at your reports.


KCM+ - Personal
Designed around the end user, KCM+ is friendly and welcoming. Using familiar web design conventions, KCM+ is easy to navigate allowing you to create workflows and unique dashboards.
  • Workflows
    Create organisation wide workflows with rules to help keep your processes in check. Users will be automatically halted by KCM+ if they attempt an invalid action.
  • Dashboards
    Dashboards let you access the information that’s most important to you immediately, without searching. Build a dashboard to call your own, or use a preconfigured one.
  • Work Anywhere
    KCM+ is a web based application. This allows for the access of reports, dashboard, workflows and integrations from most modern devices with a web browser.


KCM+ - Reporting
Get your end reports out early with KCM+. Our lighting fast reporting engine uses familiar web technologies to create professional, uniform reports for your entire organisation.
  • Amalgamated
    KCM+ is the ultimate reporting tool. Bring all of your data sources together to create a set of cost reports for your entire organisation.
  • Uniform
    Create a universal report style and apply it to all of your reports to make them look identical, with headers. Copy these styles for unique reports.
  • Customizable
    Use our standard suite of reports or customize them to your requirements. Add a graph, a diagram or images. Whatever your requirements, KCM+ is capable of creating the report.